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Unlock Your Brain's Full Potential, Fast.

Achieve high brain performance in less than 3 minutes for less than $1 a day with a neuroscience-based training given by your personal human coach.

Based on proven neuroscience

Five Pillars of Neurological Wellness: Gain comprehensive insights into your brain's health through our five essential metrics.
Evidence-Based Cognitive Habits: Adopt transformative routines for your mind, each one rooted in scientific research for guaranteed effectiveness.
Science of Why: Understand the neuroscience that fuels our program, making every step of your cognitive journey an informed one.
Smart Training, Smart You: Our training modules are designed with your brain in mind, leveraging principles from cognitive load theory and behavioral science for maximum impact.
Fully customized training

Unique to you

Your Goals, Your Journey: Tailor your cognitive advancement with personalized goal-setting.
Lifestyle & Behavior Deep-Dive: We scrutinize your daily routines and habits to curate a neuroscience-backed program that’s uniquely yours.
Hand-Selected Habits, Scientifically Proven: Receive a custom assortment of habits, each one vetted by science to ensure they're the perfect fit for you.
Daily Milestones & Mindful Reflection: Keep tabs on your progress with daily tracking and insightful reflections to continually refine your path to cognitive excellence.
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"This is next level competitive life shit."
— Andrew G.
"I feel like I have read the manual for my brain for the first time."
— Sean Lynch
"Better sleep, feeling more focused has made me feel more positive."
— Marney L.
"I'm learning about new ways to reduce stress which I feel can help me throughout the rest of my life."
— Seth K.
"All of the recommendations really helped me a lot and I feel a real change in my attitude, energy and stress in relation to the previous term."
— Laura C.

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Unlock your cognitive performance: Experience a hyper-personalized training journey designed to propel you towards cognitive brilliance.
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Enhance your leadership skills: Bespoke training modules and a performance culture tailored to supercharge you to become the catalyst of your team's collective brainpower.
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Frequently asked questions

What is Autonomic?

Autonomic is your go-to platform for neuroscience-based coaching designed to unleash your cognitive brilliance. Whether you're a student grappling with test preparations or a high-achiever in a demanding industry, we offer tailor-made programs to accelerate your path to mastery. Think of us as that smart, bad-ass neuroscience friend who's got your back on your journey to peak performance.

How does it work?

At Autonomic, we've distilled the science of the brain into practical, easy-to-digest modules. Our process is straightforward:

1. Choose Your Goal: Pick from five key objectives like increasing focus or reducing stress.
2. Tailored Training: Adapted to your lifestyle, our coaches help swap bad habits for effective new ones.
3. Science-Backed: Every habit is endorsed by current neuroscience research.
4. Daily Check-Ins: Get reminders via SMS or email and track your key metrics.
5. Expert Coaches: Real neuroscience-trained coaches personalize your program based on your interactions.
6. 3 Minutes a Day: Quick daily commitments offer actionable steps for cognitive improvement.

In less than 3 minutes a day, you'll start to see tangible results.

How do I get started with Autonomic?

Simply sign up on our website and follow the onboarding instructions.

Is my data safe and private?

We recognize the critical importance of privacy and security when it comes to your data. All user data is collected, encrypted, stored, used, and deleted in accordance with our Privacy Notice.

Give yourself superpowers

Unlock your brain's potential is just 3 minutes a day.